Zone 2 Delegates:                  Ian Henderson, Amanda Kiorgaard, Mark Harrison

Disputes:                              Amanda Kiorgaard

By law Publications:              Janine McMullan

Membership Secretary:          Kate Thompson

Horse Care Officers:             Rebecca Merry & Natalie Hodges

Child Safety Officer:             Natalie Hodges

Canteen Convener:               S
haron Camilleri
Canteen Subcommittee:         Lynne Sibley,
Jen Molloy & Bev Martin

Publicity Officer:                  

Fundraising & Grants:           Janine McMullan & M
ark Harrison

Uniforms:                            Stacey Zammit

Trophies & Ribbons:            Tammy McKenzie

Bio-Security Officer:             Jayn Sharrock                  
President :                          Mark Harrison           5546 0479     

Vice President:                    K
erri O'Kearney        0448 935 508
2nd Vice President:             N
atalie Hodges           0410 534 340

Secretary:                          Janine McMullan
Treasurer:                          Leanne Erickson

Chief Instructors:           Ian Henderson  0402 324 073
                                   Wendy Smith   (Muster Coordinator)
                    Mark Henderson
        Amanda Kiorgaard
        Elaine King
        Anika Green
        Terena Stapleton
        Stacey Zammit
                    Katelyn Burgess (trainee)
                    Rebecca Merry (trainee)

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